Frequently Asked Questions

Logging In

I've registered but I never received the confirmation email.

Check your Spam/Promotions or "All Mail" folders to be sure it didn't filter off. If you still need help, contact

I got my registration email, but when I follow the link I get an error/404.

Registrations expire after 1 hour, so be sure to respond right away. If you do and still get an error, please contact

The login screen is asking me to enter a device code in addition to my password. Where do I get one?

A device code is only needed to log in if you have activated two-step authentication (2FA) on your account. If you have not requested this security upgrade, you may leave this field blank when logging in.

Why do I have to register just to buy a game?

Special Reserve Games is committed to small-batch enjoyment for collectors. Registration and other forms of verification are intended to be a convenience for you to keep all your digital goods and order info in one place – but they also mitigate fraud and scalping, helping to assure that our Reserves are available for game collectors.


How do I order more than one item?

At the moment, you will need to add a second order, and your items will be combined into a single mailing where possible and refund any difference in shipping. Please wait a few minutes between your transactions.  

I already own a game digitally that now you’re releasing as a Reserve. Can I buy the collectible items you’re making but leave out the game?

If an item is available as a freestanding purchase, it will be clearly stated on our website, but most of our goods will only be available as part of a Reserve. We produce extremely limited quantities of our Reserves and collectibles. Items shown with any individual bundle or package may not be replaced or transferred.

If my game came with a Steam Key, where do I find it?

Log in to your account on and check under your “Inventory” tab. If you ordered a game in pre-release, the Key will be activated on the day the game is released.

Purchasing + Payment

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept major credit cards and Paypal. Note that your billing information must match what’s on file with your issuing bank. Prepaid credit cards are not supported.

I need to cancel my order. What is your refund or return policy?

A refund may be requested up to 24 hours after your purchase. Due to the limited quantities we produce, we are unable to replace products. If significant and documented damage occurs during shipment, you may request a refund through customer service.

Why do I keep getting a transaction error when I try to pay?

Transaction errors are typically associated with bad billing address information, a problem at your issuing bank, or too many orders placed in rapid succession, which triggers fraud protection. Before you contact us about these errors, please contact your issuing bank to be sure there are no problems on your card. You will also not be able to complete your order if you are ordering from behind a VPN.


What are your shipping rates?

We offer flat fee shipping for $5 anywhere in the continental United States and $15 everywhere else. If variations on shipping are available it will be noted on the individual Reserve.

One of my items arrived broken. What do I do?

Contact us at with a photograph of the damage and we’ll work with you on replacement or refund as appropriate.

Will I get a shipping notification when my order goes out?

Yes, our system will deliver a shipping notification with package tracking information to the email you registered with us.

I just realized I’m moving before my product will ship. What do I do?

Email us with your updated address as soon as possible:


Will you ever release games for Vita? Xbox?

Vita releases are already underway for some Reserves we have in store; this option varies based on the game and platform capacity by title. Not every game will be released on all platforms. While we would love to release on Xbox in the future and do plan to finalize that option, it is not available at this time.

What if a patch comes out on a PS4 game after I’ve bought the physical disk?

Patches can be downloaded from the Playstation Network and applied on your PS4 hard drive to both physical and digital versions of the game. You may want to consider following social media accounts for your game’s developer, where such information is usually kept up to date.

You sold out of my game before I found out it was available! Will you be making more?

Special Reserves are special in part because of their extremely limited quantities. We don’t rule out the idea of a reissue on a special title at some point down the line, but we will not manufacture more of any Reserve just because it sells out…when they’re gone, they’re gone. Some of our PS4 titles are also distributed with alternate covers by Limited Run Games; we’ll endeavor to notify fans at release when an LRG co-release is also planned.