Back Online…with Treats to Announce!

We are back! Our website was offline for scheduled maintenance for a couple of days this week, and everything went great – see below for some details about what we’ve fixed up. AND we have some big announcements – SALE pricing is coming tomorrow on all our current Reserves…and we are finally ready to announce our next two utterly awesome Reserve titles!


This week our team fixed a few outstanding issues from our October relaunch that couldn’t be fixed while the site was live. Most notably for our fans, a freshly scrubbed data import was performed and order histories have been corrected for those of you whose histories were inaccurate even though you received the right product. If this affected you originally, please have a look and do contact if yours is still incorrect so we can troubleshoot. We also fixed a couple of other dangling threads to tighten up the shipping process, update the FAQ with some new details, and change how you receive your Steam keys if you buy a PC game (it’ll come by email). We hope you love it!

To celebrate, we’re announcing a SALE on Absolver, Shadow Warrior 2, and STRAFE® starting Thursday January 25th at 12 PM PST! The Absolver Standalone Mask, PS4 Disc, PS4 Bundle and PC Bundle are all discounted for 2 weeks to thank you for all your support (offer ends February 8th, 2018). There’s not much left of Shadow Warrior 2 PC (just over 100!) and the awesome STRAFE® PC Collector’s Box is almost completely sold out, but now’s your chance to snatch up what’s left, at a screaming discount before they’re gone!

After all, we need to clear room in the warehouse for some really big stuff…


You’ve been asking and asking and we’re ready to reveal our next moves! We’re psyched to announce that our Devolver Digital Admiration Society streak will continue with our next two titles coming this quarter:

You can’t fight freedom, so we’re not even going to try… we’re teaming up with Free Lives for a BROFORCE Special Reserve as our next release! As you can imagine, we’ve had an absolute blast coming up with the collectibles to go with this PS4 and PC release of one of our longstanding favorite games. We won’t be announcing an exact date or revealing the goodies yet as the disc and product manufacturing timelines have so many variables that can change at this stage of production, but we definitely plan to reveal more soon and get this patriotic package ready for your hot little hands before the spring springs. (No, we truly can’t say any more yet, but here is the Broforce bald eagle screech to tide you over.)

And that’s not all…let’s talk guns. Now, Broforce has guns. Lots and lots of guns. But you want even more guns than that, you say? You need a whole book full of guns…like, a virtual Ammonomicon? IT’S YOUR LUCKY YEAR. That’s right! We are giant fans of ENTER THE GUNGEON , and we’ve been hard at work with creators Dodge Roll cooking up a deeply cool, deeply collectible Reserve worthy of this million-selling bullet-hell dungeon crawler. Once again, to avoid breaking any expectations of timing or what’s in these Reserves for PC and PS4, this is the only thing we can say for now, except that finally sinking our teeth into these two great titles and moving production forward has us jumping out of bed in the morning like Sarge when the mailman comes; it’s a huge honor to be working with these two awesome indie studios to create these releases for our fans.

Both these titles will also receive ultralimited alternate cover releases by Limited Run Games, and yes, our Reserves will be offered as a freestanding PS4 game you can choose to purchase alone, or with collectibles.

Later in this quarter, we’ll also announce a few PS4-only (no collectibles) Reserves we have in progress, allowing us to speed up the rate of our releases and give you more of what you love!

As it’s our 1-year birthday this month, it’s a great moment for us to reflect on all the awesome support and good vibes you’ve sent us in our first year as a purveyor of fine collectible physical games. We deeply appreciate the enthusiasm, the photos, the social media support, the good words, and on occasion, the patience you’ve shown while we worked out the first-year kinks with some things getting our train on the rails. Things are far smoother these days, but we know nothing is perfect – we remind you as always, if you have any sort of issues, questions, or comments, please drop us a line at!

With that, head on over to check out what’s on sale and grab yours before they’re gone.

-Andie and Smitty, SRG Co-Founders – and of course, Sarge!


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