...and WE'RE BACK. WOOF!

...and WE'RE BACK. WOOF!

July 23, 2018

Welcome to the all new SpecialReserveGames.com, pups!

It's great to be back online and bringing you the games you deserve. Right after our site was DDoS attacked and we took it down to rebuild, we had to pause creating the new website you see here now so we could attend to our long-held plans for E3, and help Limited Run Games get the first round of our SRG Reserve of Ruiner out the door.

E3 was a big success! We partnered up with Good Shepherd and friends at Indie Heaven, an exquisite venue across from the LACC filled with cool exhibitors and demos of games and VR experiences. There we were able to show off our previous titles, meet potential collaborators and press (and fans!), and offer sneak peeks at what's ahead. We also took the opportunity to hang out with some streaming friends along the way...and show off our latest game title. Just watch!

Then, with E3 behind us it was back to our respective offices to finish rebuilding the site.

So many have been eagerly waiting for news on the second chance Ruiner sale, and we'll announce a date for that in the next week or two. The fast help we got from our friends at Limited Run Games to start the sale was a HUGE help getting that started, but under the hood it was a period of intense focus for our small team and there are still some final pieces getting ironed out to be ready with a true website for you again.

Since we know the Second Chance on Ruiner will be a rush, we are giving this new site a casual launch, and letting things settle before we set that sale date. We are committed to making your final chance at a copy of the Ruiner reserve go smoothly. Our new site is hosted by Shopify, and we're really excited to be sharing it with you -- it's incredibly stable, secure, and full of great features for us and for our fans.

 So…let's get you ready!



Your previous account's buying history has been imported to the new site. As a reminder, during the denial of service that necessitated our taking our site offline, all customer information was kept completely secure, and it remains so. You can check out our Privacy Policy to understand our commitment to this level of protection, and credit cards to SRG are always processed by secure, Level 1 PCI compliant third-party services. 

All customers will have to register a "new" account to purchase on this new site. All purchase histories were brought over securely, but unfortunately you can't just use your old login here.

In order to marry your old account info to yourself on this new site, you should create an account here using the same email address you used on the old SRG.com.

If you wish to keep your history intact for potential loyalty programs in the future, create your new account using the same email address; when you log in, you should see your previous history on your account information page.

To be sure you're ready for upcoming release dates, we suggest that you double check the addresses and other info, to be sure it's still accurate. Wanna start fresh with a different email altogether? Just create a new account.

SRG requires the creation of an account for any purchase as a mitigation against fraud and some protection from scalping. If you forgot what email you used or you have any questions about this process, hit us up at support@specialreservegames.com.



Take a peek around the site and please share your thoughts, and please let us know about any other features you'd like to see! As an example, we are working on the much-requested Countdown Clock so that you'll be able to watch for upcoming games' on-sale time without having to convert for your timezone. 

Thanks to so many supportive fans and collectors for writing to us while we were offline and sending words of encouragement. We're really proud of the new home we've made for the games you love, and we look forward to hearing from you about new ways to bring them to you!