Estimated to begin shipping: SEPT/OCT 2023

We are thrilled to have an estimated shipping date for you! BROFORCE Reserves and Singles will begin shipping in Sep/Oct. When we learned that the final, ultimate update of this game was coming out, we knew we would have to make sure it was on our SRG editions.

You can see some of what's new in the recently released trailer!

We didn't intend production to take so long, but we were not fully in control of the schedule, so we just had to be patient. And we have appreciated your patience.


Estimated to begin shipping: SEPTEMBER 2023

We now estimate that we will ship CULT OF THE LAMB in September. Since we have been waiting on particular content updates that we intend to press to physical, we have had to wait on platform approvals. This also affected our ability to print, since we must first receive all platform approvals. As of right now, these approvals have been received, so we expect no further delays.