Ruiner Update

Special Reserve Games regretfully announces that a physical version of Ruiner for PS4 will not be made.

In late August, the ESRB announced a new mandate for all physical releases across all consoles would soon be required, and shortly after we announced our intention to produce Ruiner, we received word that this mandate would be applied to it and future new game releases.  The process of obtaining this rating comes with a fee that puts the production costs for new releases like Ruiner out of the acceptable range for us to produce physical discs for PS4.  This decision was agonizing, and we have tried multiple ways to reach a compromise, but sadly, we have had to change our plans to produce our intended collector edition PS4 discs for Ruiner.

The good news is, we will be issuing more than one Reserve for Ruiner in the coming weeks, and we know you will be excited to see what’s in store.  We are proud of Reikon Games and their visually stunning creation, and we’re going to announce the first of two collectible Reserves this week.  We don’t intend to give up on future PS4 releases, and these adjusted ESRB guidelines should still allow us to produce discs for legacy digital titles already on the market at a reasonable cost, so PS4 fans should stay tuned to SRG.
Special Reserve Games started with the focus to support independent game developers from around the world, and we thank all of our loyal customers and fans for your awesome support.  Just like in gameplay, every challenge must be overcome to win, and we will continue our work to overcome anything that stands in the way of promoting our friends in the international game community to bring you the games you deserve.

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