September Pupdate from Sarge: ABSOLVER

Sarge here with a pupdate for all you Prospects and pups awaiting your Absolver Special Reserves so you can don your masks and fight.

As the order page says, estimated shipping for the Absolver Reserve was originally around the end of September. We are happy to report that our projection was accurate — at least mostly so.


will start shipping Absolver PC Reserves around the end of next week. (Applause!)

But PS4 orders will begin shipping in Mid-October. (Cue booing.)

What’s up with the timing? A few things. The central components of the Reserve, those beautiful Prospect masks, comprised several containers on a shipment that had been scheduled to arrive in Houston earlier this month. Thanks to shipping disruptions from the recent hurricanes and severe weather in the region, those containers had to be rerouted to the Port of Los Angeles. (We send our our encouragement and woofs to all pups in the affected areas!)

This reroute and delay meant a longer boat ride, then a train ride across the country to get to our warehouse, where these masks will be kitted, picked and packed, along with the art books and stickers. This will all go down next week. All these pieces are even more gorgeous than we could have imagined and are going to thrill you. Promise.

As for the game and discs, by now many have seen the Absolver 1.06 patch that was released this week, with killer Devolver Digital Prospect masks and a big pile of bug fixes and improvements to the game. In the complicated dance of new patches vs. testing slots vs. production timeline, making the choice of how long to wait to make the disc run is never easy — no matter what we choose, there will be fierce opinions on every side that we waited too long or not long enough.

We all  know this won’t be the last update to Absolver, but we thought this patch important enough to wait for disc production for those that want a pristine disc. Just look at those masks! We think you’ll agree it was worth it no matter when you throw this game into your console.

Given the production timeline ahead, our new estimate is that we will receive and begin this Reserve’s PS4 shipments around mid-October. Until we receive the discs in our hands, this date is still an estimate, but as of today this timeline is on track and a safe bet.

Despite the clear info at checkout, we’ve heard from people worrying that their Absolver shipments were lost. Preorders are preorders, and ship dates are estimated and subject to delays, but our pups still get very restless when these Preorder Reserves don’t release on the same date as digital.

We hope this pupdate clears your mind of any worry and we look forward to seeing you unboxing this awesome reserve. More news in the weeks ahead about upcoming Reserves, our website, improvements to our shipping and much more!



PS Don’t forget, there are still copies available for pre-order — PS4 especially is getting close to selling out, so if you’ve been waiting for this info, now’s your chance. Click below for the link!

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