What October Brings

Howdy! Sarge here with much to share with you today so we will keep it short and dive right in. First of all…


The site has been totally overhauled for more stability, a better visual experience, and an easier checkout than before! We’re super psyched to say that it also eliminates some very confusing back end processes which slowed down our customer support previously, so we should be even better at helping you when you need to change your address or research an item lost in shipping. And now when you order, you’ll see your items leave the warehouse right away — typically on the same day during the business week in the US!

More below about shipping, but we must note this important change: this swift shipping and rapid delivery of digital keys on PC orders means we can no longer offer refunds on purchases, so please buy carefully!

(Steam keys, if you bought a Reserve that comes with them, will not deliver immediately; they’ll be emailed to you once anti-fraud checks are completed on the transaction and the shipping label is printed. This will mean that on weekends, your Keys will not be delivered until the business week begins again.)

Also, please do be aware, you will have to change your password on the new site, and because old orders have been imported, ALL previous purchases will show up with a date of 10/17/17. We are also hearing from some folks whose order appears to have converted to another product –in that system — but is accurate in the shipping system. This is a data burp, as a dog would say, and will not affect your actual order. Please consult your email receipts if you need to remember the date you actually purchased previous items or confirm what you’re getting. 

We’re also pleased as punch to reveal that we’ve been able to cut loose the remaining/held back stock copies of Shadow Warrior 2 and  so if you missed out, you have one last chance if you act fast! These are NOT REISSUES — they’re numbered copies of the original runs, held back for replacement/review necessities and/or released by cancelled orders and finally available for purchase! 

We’ve also added a new item — you can order the Absolver mask as a standalone collectible! By popular demand, those who bought the game digitally back in August can acquire their own Prospect mask at a special price. 


We know ABSOLVER is on everyone’s mind! PC editions began shipping out of the warehouse on September 29th, and it’s been a true pleasure to see your photos and excitement as you unboxed those Prospect masks. PS4 players, though, are not so happy watching you delighted doggos, since the delays we announced in the PS4 disc production in last month’s update.

So what’s the story on PS4? Sarge hears your cries!

We’re excited to tell you that although we began this update believing we wouldn’t get these from Sony until early next week, we got a very happy message delivered to us from our Rockwall, TX warehouse this morning. Behold…


THEY’RE HERE! As you know, we waited for the ABSOLVER 1.06 patch to create this disc; by strong demand, we know we need to bring collectors the most up to date and pristine disc possible for your long-term enjoyment. The 1.06 was then applied to the disc ISO, adding critical fixes and the awesome Devolver character Prospect masks, after which the whole thing went right into the Sony testing system for review.

Testing and production is a process which usually takes about two weeks to ship to us, hence the original Mid-October projections. But September and October are the months that upcoming holiday games are all vying hotly for review slots, so ABSOLVER took longer than usual to clear that hurdle and get into production, so that we could finally obtain a precise date for shipping. We’re psyched that they delivered a few days earlier than we expected as of the start of this week, and shipping will begin as soon as the items can be kitted up and shipped out!

When it comes to collectibles, we will only release a physical disc version, including PS4, when it’s truly up to the quality of our Reserves and ready to live on your shelf for life. We think it’ll be worth the wait.


Good news! This month we completely overhauled Special Reserve Games’ shipping and customer service, for top to bottom improvements, based on your feedback from our previous releases. Thanks to some awesome new partnerships, you can now count on white-glove shipping service for your Special Reserves, including:

· Improved packaging,
· Faster shipping (orders will typically leave the warehouse same-day, or next business day),
· Easier tracking,
· Faster service and better handling via Fedex or Fedex/USPS combined service,
· Dynamic shipping costs, and
· Optional expedited shipping (additional rates apply).

As for delivery times, we expect domestic orders to take between 2-4 days for most orders to the lower 48 states, and 6-10 days for most international deliveries. BUT, keep in mind, not all orders leave the warehouse on day 1 of shipping, but rest assured knowing our team is burning the midnight oil to try to get these Reserves out to you as fast as possible.


We still believe that what collectors want is the most up-to-date disc we can provide, which is why our preorder message for Absolver and other games were always clear that ship dates were subject to change and to issues beyond our control.

This warning, however, wasn’t enough for the urgently hopeful fans of most of our releases thus far. We always begin receiving nervous and even angry messages asking after shipments long before shipment dates are even overdue, including people who cancel their payments without even contacting us for information. If manufacturing dates do happen to slip, as so far has happened with all our hot timeline productions, even if it is out of our hands (hello, hurricanes?)…well, pups go nuts.

We want your trust and we want you to be satisfied, so our upcoming releases will not be issued as prereleases. We are not going to put these Reserves on sale until they’re in our hands, so there will be no waiting and no mystery. We’re also working on some legacy titles coming up soon, which means there won’t be a digital release date causing any confusion.


And finally YES, yes! You’ll see that sweet, sweet RUINER Special Reserve news coming this month, BUT we need more time before we can reveal what’s coming your way. Once again — we’re not putting anything on sale until we know when we can ship it to you, so stay tuned and we promise you some info before Halloween!

Remember, our newsletter pups hear about product updates before everyone else, so get on our email list, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram so you don’t miss a bark!


With luf,


P.S. Need any help? Please remember to write us at support@test.specialreservegames.com when you need assistance. Our social media team and customer service teams are not the same people, and our previous backups related to our old website and purchase system are a thing of the past. Emails are generally answered in 24 to 48 hours max, so that is the swiftest and most effective way to get help from our team. Thanks!


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