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About SRG

In an age where web stores can disappear overnight and video games can auto-delete on a whim, where are the games you deserve?

In 2016, video game superfans founded Special Reserve Games in Dallas, Texas. Since then, the SRG Team (led by Big Dog Jeff “Smitty” Smith and rescue dog Sergeant “Sarge” Ruff) have worked to save gamers from the cold hard realities of digital fandom.

Smitty and the SRG team work closely with the best indie developers to create collector’s bundles around the world’s most celebrated indie digital video games for Nintendo Switch™, Sony PlayStation®4 and PC.

At the heart of any Special Reserve edition is the game, our custom Reserve Box, reversible jacket artwork with sequential numbering, and instruction booklet.

We additionally design art books, art prints, 3D-printed figures, vinyl records, SteelBook® cases, or other unique items, working with top-notch artists the world over. We’ve created unique items like bokkens, sculptures, coasters, dioramas, maps, and other collectible art for gamers.

Sarge has superior standards. SRG scoffs at the minimum standards and seeks out the maximum standards.

Our game jacket covers are printed on the thickest allowed paper per console standards. Reserve boxes are constructed from custom-made material. We couldn’t find paper we liked enough for our instruction booklet covers so we made our own paper.

We use complex printing processes to combine embossing, debossing, raised UV, spot UV, grit texture, multiple layers of protective laminate, and more.

We focus on quality above all else. We know you love these games, and we want holding them in your hands for the first time to be a remarkable, tactile experience.

Special Reserve Games prides itself on elevating the quality of consumer goods and collectibles in the video game industry. We are committed to our growing, global customer base by offering worldwide shipping, affordable pricing and an expanding library of highly acclaimed indie games.

Sarge delivers each game to your door! Our custom shipping box can withstand 200 lbs of force and features a special, personal message from Sarge to you:

WOOF woof Woof, woof Woof WOOF! Woof woof WOOF.

SRG Unboxing

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